Did you know that March is "Women's History Month"? This annually declared month is a time where the contributions and achievements of women across the world are honored and celebrated.

We often hear the phrase "female empowerment" associated with this month. Culture has limited this phrase to simply mean the women's choice of whether or not she wants to abort her baby. But female empowerment is so much more than that! Women have so many unique qualities and strengths that we need to be talking about. 

Here are a few ways that we, as women, can empower each other:

1. Encourage each other!

"Every woman's success should be inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on" (Serena Williams). Women supporting women is one of the most amazing things, and it has a lot of different looks. It could be telling a frazzled-hair mom with her two rowdy kids at Kroger, "You got this!" Or letting your best friend know that you'll listen to her as she weighs the pros and cons of her new relationship.  If your friend writes a book, buy it! If she starts a podcast, listen to it and share it on social media! If she finds out she's pregnant, organize a baby shower for her! Go out of your way to make women feel good about themselves.

2. Be a role model!

Promote a culture of openness and honesty. Let other women know that they can come to you if they need a listening ear--in your home or workplace. Sometimes, women just want to be heard. They're not always looking for advice. Listen and encourage. You'll be leading by example!

3.  Support organizations that empower young women!

According to a study by Anna King with WOWK, "West Virginia [is] ranked number six in teen pregnancy rates" (King). The last thing a young, pregnant female needs to hear is: "You're too young. You can't be a mom! What were you thinking?!" Instead of telling young girls their only option is to abort, we need to be allowing them the chance to decide for themselves what they want to do with their pregnancy. If they desire to keep their baby, then our community needs to come alongside them and help offer support!

At Cross Roads, we are a team of women who support women. We offer FREE and confidential pregnancy classes and material support for young moms. We believe that through this, we are empowering women to be the best moms that they can.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call! 304-344-4511


King, Anna. "West Virginia Ranked Number 6 in Teen Pregnancy Rates." 13News, 

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