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An Open Letter to Single Moms at Christmas

To all you single moms out there,

“The most wonderful time of the year” can easily turn in to “the most dreaded time of the year.”  As women we have this innate pressure to “have it all together.”  Then the holidays roll around and that pressure only intensifies.  From food to holiday parties to presents – on top of regular life that’s already overwhelming – you start to feel like you’ve already failed even before you’ve started.

You feel so alone.

So overwhelmed. 

So inadequate. 

So afraid of failing.

I read a blog post that explained this first hand from a mom who was very honest about her struggles.  She admitted to her pride in not wanting to ask for help but needing it.  She also described that many times mothers are so concerned with having a “perfect Christmas” that stay in emotionally and physically abusive relationships around the holidays in order to provide a more positive experience for their children. But, she went on to say that your children feel your emotions – even when you’re attempting to hide them.

All this trying.  Wouldn’t you agree that we’re longing for peace?  Peace is what we really want – and even when we have to fake it, we’ll do it.  Whatever it takes…

Consider this taken from a Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional (found here):

The circumstances of the first Christmas were very stressful, too. There was an unmarried, pregnant teenager. There was a scared but faithful fiance. There was no room in the inn. There were smelly animals and scratchy straw. There was an unidentified star in the sky.  Yet God gave the gift of prevailing peace in that story in the same way He longs to give our hearts the gift of peace.

How did Mary and Joseph overcome the chaos of their circumstances and embrace peace instead? 

Just listen to how they responded when they were first given the startling and stressful news of being parents to the Messiah:

Mary said, “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,” (Luke 1:46-47, NIV).

Joseph put aside his plans to divorce Mary quietly, and per God’s instructions, took her as his wife.

Peace doesn’t come from perfect circumstances.  Peace comes from a heart that trusts in the Peace-giver.


isaiah 26-3

Would you consider putting your trust in this Peace-giver?  Would you lay aside your circumstances and striving to embrace the forgiveness that has already been bought for you on the cross?

We would love nothing more than to talk to you more about this trust and peace.  Consider giving us a call or a text today.

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