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Earn Even More with Earn While You Learn!

We are excited to announce that our Earn While You Learn Program is growing! We have seen a growth in the number of clientEarn-While-You-Learn-3s participating, so we have added some requested curriculum as well as a few ways for our gals and guys to earn even more points to spend in our baby store, Sarah’s Promise.

Our curriculum has consisted of everything a mother or father needs to know about pregnancy through toddler-hood, as well as a Bible study curriculum, and some life skills training.  However we have noticed – after a couple requests from clients – that our life skills training curriculum was pretty out of date!  We’ve decided to update the material on topics such as money management and job skills, and we’re encouraged that our clients are requesting information on these topics!

We have also implemented a “Refer-A-Friend” program.  This program rewards current clients with 20 extra “mommy bucks” if they refer a friend who attends Earn While You Learn classes at least three times. The friend that is referred is also rewarded with 10 extra mommy bucks.

One last way we have grown our Earn While You Learn Program is through doctor’s appointment sign off slips.  Keeping up with OB appointments is important, so if you take the slip we’ll provide, have the doctor sign it, and bring it back, you will be rewarded with five extra mommy bucks.

We love equipping our moms and dads with ways to earn more points for the things you need, and we can’t wait to see how these few changes will impact your desire to earn and learn even more.

If you’re interested in our program or have any questions about any of the additions, please feel free to contact us!

Call: 304-344-4511

Text: 304-508-2911