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The First Year: What do you need?

You’re a new mom or planning to become one very soon.  Congratulations!  Planning, prepping, buying all the essentials is what we women do when we’re nesting.

But, what do you really need?

Here are things you can most definitely live WITHOUT:

  1. Crib bedding – you should put nothing more than a fitted sheet in your baby’s crib, so save yourself the money on those expensive crib sets!
  2. Lots of elaborate clothes – think practical.  Like onesies and sleepers.  Babies grow too fast to spend lots of money on clothes they’ll only wear once or twice!baby in onsie
  3. Shoes – your baby doesn’t need shoes until he or she is walking.  I know they’re super cute, but if you’re trying to save the extra dime you can just skip the shoes.
  4. Bassinet – Most bassinets have a 15 lbs. weight limit.  Get a pack-n-play with the bassinet insert instead and use the bassinet for much longer!
  5. A diaper genie – yes, they’re nice.  But a trash can with a lid works just as good.  Just remember to take your trash out regularly 😉
  6. Toys – babies less than a year old don’t need any toys.  It might be nice to have some teething toys when they start to cut teeth, but that’s it!
  7. Both a swing and a bouncer – one is just fine.  There’s no reason to have both unless you like clutter 😉
  8. Wipe warmer – if you get your baby used to a warm wipe at home, it’ll be quite a shock when a cold wipe hits their bottom at grandma’s house!  A great alternative is to just warm up the wipe between your hands.

Here are things you’ll probably not want to live without at least for the first six months:

  1. Lots of sleepers and onesies. The simpler the better.  You’ll be doing lots of diaper changes on a squirmy baby so save yourself the hassle of lots of snaps, buttons, or outfits with lots of different pieces.
  2. Lots of burp cloths. Always have one handy or you’ll be changing your clothes as much as you change your baby’s!
  3. A high-backed chair. If you’re hunched over while feeding for week after week, your back will wish you made the investment. A firm nursing pillow might also come in handy.
  4. A baby carrier. Many babies cry a lot.  Having them close to you can really help soothe them.  Just make sure you have proper inserts if your baby is still very little.

Many moms may have differing opinions, and you may disagree yourself with these lists!  This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list, but feel free to comment your favorite must-haves!

***Most of the information was taken from and