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A Few Words on Morning Sickness

Having a positive pregnancy test can be one of the most exciting (and also most frightening) experiences in the world.  A new little bundle of joy is growing inside of you!  Your emotions can go crazy and you may just want to celebrate (or faint out of shock).

But often times morning sickness can strike with a vengeance and doing anything other than laying on the couch (or hovering over the toilet) can seem daunting.

I’ve heard from many mommas-to-be that they weren’t expecting the magnitude of the sickness but yet others (those lucky ones) were surprised at how great they felt.  In reality, morning sickness doesn’t play favorites.  It doesn’t even follow many rules.  Sure, there are different things that “typically” happen.  For example, many women start to feel some relief as they approach their second trimester.  But take heart to those mommas who are still sick well into their second and even third trimester – you’re not alone!

But, what does cause that terrible feeling anyway?  Crazy enough, in my own research I’ve come to figure out that no one is completely certain!  The best educated guesses are the rising levels of a hormone called Human chorionic gonadotropin (morning-sicknesshCG) as well as rising levels of estrogen.

What we all want to know, however, is how to cope with it.  In my own experience and in talking to lots
of mommas-to-be, I came to realize one thing.

Everyone is different.

What worked for your sister may not work for you.  Or what worked for your best friend may make you feel worse!  Don’t get discouraged, just keep trying different things until you find something – and you will!  I found that what helped me one day may not help me the next.

Ask your doctor for some tips on treating your nausea or vomiting and be sure to let your provider know if your vomiting is severe because medical intervention may be necessary.