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Cherish The Moment

cherish the moment

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Screaming newborn

Children are the best blessing that we can receive from God. However, when you haven’t slept for what seems like an eternity, or your toddler is pushing the very limits of your patience, we can all get frustrated. These times are experienced by all parents at one time or another. It is an inevitability of parenthood!  Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone! The best thing that a parent can do is to take some time to regroup and regain your strength. Place your baby in a safe place or redirect your toddler to a different activity, and then go take a deep breath. Ask the Lord to help you regain your composure. Call a friend or family member to give you a break, or turn on some soothing music. Remember that although these times can be trying, they are temporary! When the stress of the moment is over, take the time to cherish the moment! Watch your precious miracle sleep sweetly, take a moment to embrace your busy toddler and don’t forget to witness the little miracles that God gifted you with!