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Water Safety

With school almost over and summer about to be in full swing, we thought it might be good to blog about water safety! What could be more fun than jumping into a cool pool or lake on a hot summer day? Here are a few tips to keep your little ones safe as they splash!

  1. Always provide supervision while children play in the water. Never trust a flotation device or another child to provide a watchful eye.
  2. Make sure that children know how to swim. Consider a swim class at your local YMCA or community center.
  3. Install and use fences and barriers around pools to prevent an accidental fall into the water. Children are so curios and this is a common problem! Pool alarms are also a good idea. If something disturbs the water an alarm will alert you so that you can respond immediately.
  4. If your pool has a ladder for access move it away when it is not in use.
  5. Swimming is a great time for bonding with your child. Have fun, relax and get your swim on!! keep_kids_teeth_safe_swimming_pool little-boy-in-pool babyswimming-564x403