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Vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Vaccinate or not to vaccinate?  It’s such a controversial topic these days, and it seems everyone has an opinion on what’s best.  Some say they aren’t needed at all.  Others say only some are needed.  While others say if there’s a vaccination for it, give it to my child!  You can find tons of information on the internet for every stance, but what’s really true?

I decided to go to two reputable sites to gather information.  These were the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website as well as which is run by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  Both sites held the common stance that vaccinations are safe and they work.  According to the AAP, vaccinations have reduced the amount of infections from vaccine preventable diseases by over 90%.  They also state that childhood vaccines are 90%-99% effective, and they are the safest and most cost effective way of preventing diseases.
According to the CDC, childhood immunization schedules are designed to protect your children when they are most vulnerable and before they may be exposed to a life-threatening disease.
But what about side-effects like autism, SIDS, or immune disorders?
The AAP states the link between vaccinations and such side effects are unfounded.  I could go into detail, but if you’re interested in more on this topic click the following link!
What’s a good vaccine schedule?
Both the AAP and the CDC recommend the same schedule (literally the link on both sites is identical!)  Here’s a link to it:
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