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On Teething

We’ve all heard the horror stories about teething, and to think of your little on in pain can be heart wrenching!  But, what should you expect when it comes to your baby’s first tooth (or teeth)?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teething usually begins between months three and seven of a baby’s life.  Typically, either the top or bottom front two teeth are the first to appear, however, there are always exceptions.

It’s also normal for your baby to run a low grade fever while teething, but if it reaches 100.4 or above, you need to contact your pediatrician.

Comfort your baby as much as you can, but don’t change their schedule too much.  Keep up with your nighttime routine, especially as you don’t want to cause any sleep problems.  The AAP also advises against pain medication that is rubbed directly onto the gums and suggests that instead you consult your pediatrician on dosages of pain relievers such as Tylenol.

Also, take heart.  This is only a season!  Before too long, you’ll be loving that sweet new grin on your little one’s face.

It’s a good idea to contact your pediatrician if you’re ever concerned about anything while your baby is teething.