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Developmental Milestones

As a first time mom, I was honestly more concerned about survival than developmental milestones.  And let’s be honest, survival is sometimes just by the skin of your teeth!  However one day when a friend was over, my daughter kept dropping her toy on the floor.  After picking it up a few times, the friend looked at me and said, “That is a developmental milestone.”  I was confused.

How could this annoying game be a milestone? She went on to say that when babies drop objects, they are starting to perceive distance, and when you give the toy back to them it teaches cause and effect.  I was baffled!  Who knew this “annoying game” was actually a good thing!

I became curious after that about these developmental milestones.  Was my daughter reaching them on schedule?  Was she behind?  Did I need to be doing anything to help her?  After doing some quick research, I found these milestones laid out for me on the CDC’s website!  It also lists what to be concerned about and ways to help your baby grow developmentally, dependent on how old your baby is.  For example, my 6-month-old should be rolling over, responding to her name, and babbling (among many others).

It’s worth a quick look if you aren’t aware of that they are.

Check it out here!