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Daylight Savings and Your Baby’s Schedule

You work so hard to get your baby on a schedule that works for you and works for your baby.  You’re in a groove.  Things seem to be working.  Then the time change hits.  As many people are excited about “falling back” and getting an extra hour of sleep, moms of smaller children often dread it because children obviously don’t miraculously know they should sleep an hour more (wouldn’t that be awesome?!)

So, how do you deal with it?  As a first time mom, I was nervous.  I felt like we were in a groove and this time change was going to mess up everything!  I decided I’d just “deal with it as it came” until a friend of mine gave me a simple but genius idea!

Why not make the change gradually?

This time, we decided to do 15 minutes per day.  That means that everything got pushed forward 15 minutes – naps, feeds, bedtime.  In four days, we were on track.  Now that I look back on it, I do think that although it was a pretty smooth transition, it would have been better if we would have done it more gradually.  For example doing 10 or 15 minutes every few days.

The time change can be hard on even our adult bodies, so you know it’s hard on your little one!  Give them grace as you give yourself grace.  Know they’ll adjust, but also know they need some help from Momma!