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Road Trips With a Baby

We just took our 8-month-old on her first car trip.  I was terrified to say the least.  She’s always been good in the car, but eight hours is a different story!  I tried to prepare myself for the worst.  Crying, whining, frequent stops, etc.  Much to my surprise, she did great!  My husband and I joked that she was more patient than we were.

Before the trip, we planned ahead.  I have a friend who I knew had taken multiple road trips with her children while they were still babies, so I asked for advice.  After the trip, I’d say it worked amazingly!  She suggested:

Bring snacks.  For us that included Puffs and Cheerios.

Pack a box of toys.  When I would find her getting fussy or bored, I would throw a different toy her way!

Be OK with the trip taking longer than usual.  You’ll have to stop more frequently for diaper changes, feedings, etc.  We have family that just so happen to live about halfway between our house and where we were going.  We stopped, had lunch, and let our baby crawl around for an hour.

Plan all your stops at the same time.  Feed your baby, change her diaper, go to the bathroom, eat, and fill up on gas (just top it off if you’re not low!).  The LAST thing you want to do is have to stop if your baby is snoozing!

All babies are different, but we hope you find these tips of some use!