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Planning a First Birthday Party

My little girl just turned one!  We knew we wanted to celebrate even though we knew she wouldn’t remember the party.  As a friend so perfectly put it, we wanted to celebrate that we kept our child alive and lived to tell about it, haha!  We decided to keep it small and simple.  Looking back, there are a few tips we took from others that worked like a charm.


  1. Plan the party around naps. Typically one-year-olds are still taking a morning and afternoon nap.  Make sure you plan your party around your nap schedule.  Nothing will ruin a good party like a cranky child!  We planned the party for right after her afternoon nap.  That way she was well rested and ready to party.
  2. Keep it small. Babies can easily get over stimulated.  Lots of people – especially lots of people they don’t know – can really overstimulate a child leaving you with a really cranky birthday girl or boy.  We decided just to do family this year.
  3. The shorter the better. Babies don’t have a long attention span, so a party that lasts for hours will most likely end up badly.  Keep it short and sweet.  Your guests will understand.  Ours ended up being about an hour and a half, and honestly that seemed too long!
  4. Choose a familiar location. We chose a park that we frequent so our daughter and her cousins could run wild and play.  Home is also a good option.