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Sex . Need I say more?

Sex is everywhere.  It seems normal – abnormal if you’re not doing it.  It’s alluded to on billboards, magazines, and even children’s movies if you pay close enough attention.  “Sex sells” they say, and I’d say they’re right.

But, no matter how “normal” our culture tries to make sex, it’s always an act of intimacy – designed by God to join two people together.  Emotions always get involved no matter how far you try and distance yourself.  Sure, sex in the short term is pleasurable, but there’s no such thing as just “short term sex.”  There’s always long term consequences tied to it.

The media tries to convince you it’s your right and your body.  And it is.  But what they fail to say is that it’s an act of surrender to another, and in the wrong hands it can be detrimental to one’s heart and soul.  It’s not an act of empowerment.  It’s not something to be demanded.

Here at Cross Roads we want you to know ALL the facts.  Not just the short term, but those that linger for years (even decades) later.  We’ve been there.  We know the heartache.  Empower yourself through saving yourself.  It’s the most precious gift you’ve been given.