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Our Dads and Why We Love Them

Father’s Day has come and gone.  For some it’s a day to celebrate, others a day of grief, and sometimes there’s a mix of emotions.  Social media has also made these holidays harder to avoid.

At Cross Roads we see all types of dads.  Sometimes we never even meet them, and other times they’re incredibly eager to learn, grow, and provide for their children.  We’ve even witnessed dads come alive after a few visits – going from just dropping their partner off for classes to coming and participating themselves.

This is a real joy.  One of my absolute favorite things is seeing a new dad.  They come in holding that newborn baby, smiling from ear-to-ear.  They’re proud – and they should be.  They talk about their hopes and dreams for their little one and how much their babies look like them.  Their large hands tenderly wrap around the fragile baby, and the look in their eyes melts your heart.  There’s never a doubt when a connection has been formed.  Often (as was true in my case) the bond between a baby and his or her father forms before the bond between the baby and his or her mother, despite growing and carrying the baby for 40 weeks.

We love our dads here at Cross Roads.  We love seeing them learn and grow.  But most of all we love seeing them with their children and hearing them talk about them.  It’s just one thing that makes this job so sweet.