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For a few years now, we’ve known we needed more space.  But there were so many constraints as to what we needed and where we needed it that often our attempts at finding a new space left us only frustrated.  We love our location on the East End of Charleston – especially as there is another wonderful pregnancy center on the West Side of Charleston.  We also love that we’re on the bus route and within blocks of the State Capitol Building.

We looked for years and everything was either too expensive or just needed too much work.  Then one day, we realized there was a space for rent just two doors down from our current location.  It was on the corner, owned by the same landlord, and right next to our baby store.  Why had we never seen this before?

Our Board of Directors started looking into it, and although it needed work, it seemed possible.  After lots of consideration and planning, construction was started TODAY!  We are thrilled and can’t wait to move in!

The space will give us more room to serve our growing clientele and ample storage for our baby boutique.  We’re looking at a September move in date, so please stop by sometime soon to see all the exciting changes!