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Know Before You Decide

I’ll never forget the day Allison showed up at our clinic.  She was young and vibrant, and pregnancy wasn’t in her plans.  She was in school and far away from her family who lived many miles away.  She had her future planned out, and her scholarships would be in jeopardy if she was in fact pregnant.  She was contemplating abortion.  She just wanted all of this behind her.

She walked into our ultrasound room, and she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to have the scan.  Her nerves were written all over her face.  Our ultrasound nurse was able to talk with her and calm her a bit.  Finally she laid back, and the probe was placed on her abdomen.

The ultrasound nurse wasn’t sure she found a viable pregnancy.  She took picture after picture so the doctor would have a good view.  She told Allison (as she tells all ultrasound clients) that nothing is final until the doctor read the scans.  She closed the appointment with Allison, and told her she would be in touch with her soon.

Immediately, our nurse made her way over to the hospital for the doctor to view the scans.  He, in fact, confirmed the nurse’s opinion that the pregnancy was not viable.  Even though her pregnancy test was positive, her pregnancy wasn’t viable.  If she wouldn’t have had the ultrasound, she would have never known that.

Our doctor was able to follow up with her after her visit to our clinic, which we were thankful for.

This isn’t a story about a miscarriage.  This is a story about knowing the facts.  If Allison wouldn’t have had the ultrasound, she would have gone through with an unnecessary and potentially expensive procedure.

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