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Know the Facts

So often we’re confronted with women who are pregnant and overwhelmed by their circumstances. As soon as the plus sign comes up on the pregnancy test, thoughts and questions come flooding in.

How could I bring a baby into my already chaotic life?  I can barely sustain myself and the child(ren) I have now.  There’s no way I can add another one.  Abortion seems to be the only answer.

But more often, decisions are made without knowing all the facts.  Decisions are made quickly and out of emotion.  And so often those are the ones we end up regretting.

Our work here at Cross Roads seems to be cyclical.  We often have an influx of pregnancy tests at once or a lot of cancellations at once.  But right now we’re experiencing a lot of clients who have suffered miscarriage.  Pregnancy can be incredibly volatile and change from one day to the next.  That’s why we push for our clients to have an ultrasound because a positive pregnancy test doesn’t always mean a viable pregnancy.

Just last week we had a client who had an abortion scheduled for one day but ended up not going to her appointment and miscarried the following day.  Our encouragement is just to know the facts.  All of them.  This decision shouldn’t be a rushed one.