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Pregnant & Scared: Now What? – Ripley, WV

Pregnant & Scared: Now What? – Ripley, WV

You’re probably here because you took an at home pregnancy test and it struck terror in your heart. Those pink lines mean a lot of things for you, but the most overwhelming emotion that seems to top them all may be simply: fear. You didn’t plan to get pregnant, you didn’t want to get pregnant, not right now. You may feel terribly, viscerally, alone.

Our culture at large will tell you that there is one very easy way out of this predicament, you could get an abortion, and this pregnancy will go away quietly. But I think deep down, all of us know, that as easy as they make that answer seem, it perhaps isn’t all that simple. You may not want to be pregnant, but you are. You may be convinced that abortion is your only viable option to facing this great fear, but it isn’t. Abortion may seem like it simply ends an unwanted inconvenience, but it doesn’t just end when you leave the appointment, it can carry with it emotional and physical trauma that lasts a lifetime. It isn’t a simple or easy answer, and it isn’t your only option in an unplanned pregnancy. You may feel like you’re completely alone, but you’re not. We are here to help.

At Cross Roads Pregnancy Care Center, we have been working with women who feel just like you do. We want to walk with you through this scary, unplanned season of your life to help you find a solution that will help you thrive. We don’t want you to simply make it go away and then never meet with you again. We want to walk with you through all your options, and even walk with you through your pregnancy and your choices thereafter. You are not alone, because we are here for you. It may feel like the end of your world to be pregnant right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the greatest relief from the fear of an unplanned pregnancy is simply a compassionate listening ear who can help you look at your options with your best interest in mind. Call or come into Cross Roads today, and a counselor can meet with you to listen with a caring ear, go over your many options with you, and help you walk through this scary time in a way that can give you peace of mind and heart. 

Reach out to us, we want to hear from you.

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