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Abortion: My Best Option? Ravenswood, WV

Abortion: My Best Option? Ravenswood, WV

You probably found this post because you recently discovered you’re pregnant, and you don’t want to be. I’m here to tell you that you have a multitude of options before you, not just abortion. But first, take a breath. Pregnancy can make you feel like everything is in a rush, like you’re out of time, and you have to decide your entire future right now. But you don’t have to decide¬†anything¬†right now. So today, as you’re reading this, slow down, and take some time to explore all of your options. Pregnancy isn’t something to be taken lightly, it certainly doesn’t feel light, so the choices ahead of you will all have weight to them, whether you choose abortion, adoption, or parenting.

Unplanned pregnancy can feel very isolating, it can feel like you’re the only person who knows how it feels to be gripped with the fear of something so life-changing; you’re not alone. Many women have faced unplanned pregnancies. At Cross Roads Pregnancy Care Center we meet with women just like you, who are scared, uncertain, and feel overwhelmed. Our volunteers are here to listen to you, to help you look at all your options, and we want to help you choose the one that will bring you the most peace in your life.

Abortion may seem like an easy, quick option. It isn’t. Nothing about it is quick or easy. It may seem like your best option today, as you feel rushed and scared, but our best life decisions are not made when we are afraid or hasty. Let us help you walk through your options, not in a way that’s rushed or from a place of fear, but with compassion and time. You don’t have to decide anything today, but talking with someone can help ease your mind right now.

Call, text, or email us today. We want to hear from you. We’re here to help.

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