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My Friend Wants an Abortion – St. Albans, WV

My Friend Wants an Abortion – St. Albans, WV

You’re in St. Albans, WV and your friend confided in you that she is pregnant and considering abortion. This may be a challenging position for you as her friend: you want what is best for her, but what is best? She is probably afraid, and perhaps abortion seems like her best option because it sounds easy and quick. But abortion is not simple, nor is it her only choice.

It’s good news that she’s sharing with you. Unplanned pregnancy is the most difficult when it’s embarked upon alone; having a friend while walking through it can relieve much of the fear and confusion that often surround women who face it. But perhaps you feel entirely unqualified to help your friend, you may not know much about pregnancy or abortion; or maybe you do, but you don’t know the best way to help her find the best solution. We have good news there too: we can help. We have dedicated, compassionate staff and volunteers who are committed to providing information, care, and help for women just like your friend. You don’t have to try and search for the answers alone.

Encourage your friend to come in to see us for a free pregnancy test. From there we can provide her with information on pregnancy, abortion, parenting, and adoption. She can look at all of her options in full, along with a volunteer who is willing to help her weigh them all to find the one that’s best for her. You can support your friend by accompanying her to our office and encouraging her to take the time necessary to weigh all her options. You and your friend are not alone, you don’t have to provide her with the information, and she doesn’t have to decide anything immediately. Encourage her to text, email, call, or come in to Cross Roads, where we can give her information, a compassionate listening ear, and relieve some of her fears.

Unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to be faced alone, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Encourage your friend to contact us, we’d love to hear from her!

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Text: 304-508-2911