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How Do I Get an Abortion? Charleston, WV

How Do I Get an Abortion? Charleston, WV

You may be considering abortion for any number of reasons: perhaps you are afraid of the financial considerations, worried about other’s reactions to your pregnancy, you feel too young, or maybe you just don’t feel like right now is the right time for you to bring a baby into your life. Whatever your circumstances, deciding to have an abortion is a serious, and life-altering decision. It is one that you should take great care in making. Abortion may end your unplanned pregnancy, but it will not make things simply disappear, it carries with it a number of emotional and physical consequences that you deserve to know about before making any decisions. Before you choose abortion there are some important steps you can take to be sure that you’re making an informed decision.

Get Support

Decisions surrounding pregnancy should never be made alone, you’re vulnerable, in the height of hormonal and emotional changes, and it’s important for you to have others helping you work through your options so you can make the best long-term decision for your life. Speak with your significant other, a trusted friend, or family member; and call, text, or visit Cross Roads where we have compassionate staff and volunteers who are ready to speak with you confidentially and kindly, we want to help. Pregnancy can feel terrifying when you face it alone, it may seem like you’re stuck darkness that you cannot escape, but you don’t have to face it alone, and you don’t have to make any decisions alone either.

Learn the Facts

There is a lot of misinformation about abortion. Abortion is not simple, and like any other medical procedure it’s important that you know exactly what to expect and potential side-effects of abortion are before you decide. Our trained medical staff can provide you with clear, up-to-date information on abortion, as well as all your options surrounding pregnancy, and they are always ready to help you work through your choices with a compassionate listening ear.

Take Time 

Pregnancy can make everything feel rushed, especially if you’re in position that makes you fearful of it. It can feel like you have to decide everything the moment you see that positive pregnancy test, like your whole life is changing right now. But, while it may feel that way, often our feelings are poor indicators of truth. You might feel panicked and like you don’t have any options in front of you, but the reality is much more hopeful than that. You have a myriad of choices before you, you have time to consider them all and discuss them with someone you trust. You don’t have to decide anything right now. So take your time, come see us at Cross Roads and let us help you sort through all the feelings to find what’s best. We’d love to talk with you.

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