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Healthy Pregnancy? Danville, WV

Healthy Pregnancy? Danville, WV

What should I expect in pregnancy? What is different about each trimester? How do I know when to call a doctor?

What should I be eating? What should I avoid? What do I do with a newborn?

These are all questions that can flood your mind as soon as you learn you’re pregnant. Pregnancy can seem overwhelming, and honestly, a little mysterious. But if you want to stay healthy, and be informed about what’s happening with your body each step of the way, and have a heads up on what to expect when baby arrives, then Cross Roads can help. Our free program, Earn While You Learn, is designed for the woman who wants to take an active role in her pregnancy. We offer information on topics ranging from labor and delivery to breastfeeding; prenatal nutrition to newborn care; and so much more. In addition to learning information that will help you know more about what’s happening with your body in pregnancy and how to handle it, and what to expect each trimester and beyond, Earn While You Learn allows you to earn points with each lesson you complete, and your points can be used to shop in our baby boutique to purchase things like maternity clothes and newborn essentials.

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be mysterious or overwhelming. There are a lot of wonderful things happening each trimester as your baby grows, and the more you know the better prepared you will be for each stage, and their final arrival. Come into Cross Roads today, we would love to help you in your journey toward a healthy pregnancy and informed parenthood.

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