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How Do I Provide For My Baby? – Danville, WV

How Do I Provide For My Baby? – Danville, WV

Are you pregnant and uncertain how you will provide for your baby? Maybe you are struggling to find a doctor who you can afford to see for prenatal care? We can help connect you with doctors in the area to find affordable care. Perhaps you are considering choosing adoption but not sure where to start? We can connect you with adoption agencies; and if you’re still deciding one of our compassionate staff or volunteers would gladly be a listening ear as you weigh your decision.

Pregnancy can feel insurmountable, especially if you don’t feel like you are able to financially prepare for your baby. It doesn’t have to be impossible though, there are many community resources available for women just like you, to help pregnant mothers and babies have the resources they need to thrive. At Cross Roads we want to connect you with these resources and help equip you to provide for your child.

Whether you are in need of job, healthcare, housing, utility, or food assistance we can connect you to the many resources available in your community to ensure that those needs are met in your pregnancy and after.

In addition to the many resources we can refer you to, we also offer the Earn While You Learn program that allows you to gain education on having a healthy pregnancy and equip yourself for labor and delivery, parenting, and infant care. As you gain these skills you earn credits to spend in our on-site Baby Boutique where you can use them to purchase maternity clothes and baby items.

Pregnancy can seem like a financial difficulty, but we are here to help you, and there are many others in the community who are committed to helping you as well. We want you and your baby to thrive. Come in and see us today, you can meet with one of our trained staff or volunteers to help decide what resources would best help you so that you can be at peace in your pregnancy and feel well-equipped for the next stage.

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