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I Didn’t Plan for Fatherhood – Charleston, WV

I Didn’t Plan for Fatherhood – Charleston, WV

Has fatherhood been thrust upon you unexpectedly? Have you recently found out that your girlfriend or wife is pregnant? Perhaps it was unplanned, and you aren’t sure how you will take on a role that you feel unprepared for. You may be entertaining the idea that your presence in the child’s life doesn’t matter all that much.

The importance of mothers is often highlighted in our culture, and it is true that mothers are very important in shaping our childhood, but this is not to the exclusion of fathers. Fatherlessness has become an epidemic in America. The absence of a father is felt by children, and has contributed to a rise in suicide and homelessness. We need you, fathers, your role in the life of your child is an important one.

But fatherhood can be scary, particularly if you are entering that role unexpectedly, outside of marriage, or before you had planned. It can seem like a responsibility that you don’t feel equipped for, and you may be uncertain in how to navigate it. That’s okay. You’re a father the moment your child is conceived, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert father. Your skills and wisdom in fatherhood can grow with your baby. You don’t have to know what you’re doing at the start, you just have to begin by showing up, by supporting the mother of your child, and being willing to learn. You’re not the first dad who feels unprepared, and you’re not alone in the journey of fatherhood.

We’re here to help you in that journey. Cross Roads provides free educational resources for you. We have material available to help you learn everything from how to change a newborn’s diaper to how to deal with a toddler meltdown. Fatherhood is a big responsibility, but it’s one that you can be equipped for. We want to help you be the best father you can. We want to give you the best resources to help you love your child regardless of life circumstances. Come in today and meet with our staff or volunteers.

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