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I Regret My Abortion – Dunbar, WV

I Regret My Abortion – Dunbar, WV

Did you have an abortion and now find yourself depressed and regretful?

You are not alone.

Many women who choose abortion find themselves swept up in the aftermath with deep feelings of regret, shame, and depression. Abortion advocates will tell you this is because the culture around you tells you to feel this way and you should just get over it. But when we are in the midst of such pain and instinctual regret, those kinds of ideological platitudes feel empty, and unhelpful.  Wrestling with the feelings surrounding abortion can feel impossible, it may be tempting to ignore them and distract yourself from them in hopes that they will go away. But the emotional wreckage abortion can cause cannot be so simply brushed off, you may find yourselves hit with it in unexpected moments, in the spaces between distractions, or in time alone. It can feel hopeless and you may feel crushed with the weight of these feelings.

But you don’t have to be. It is not hopeless, and you are not alone. Countless women have abortions in their past. Facing the pain, guilt, and grief is not something you have to do alone. You may have had your abortion (or abortions) decades ago, or just yesterday, regardless, we want to help you walk through the aftermath so that you can find hope, healing, and comfort. We want to you to find freedom from your guilt and shame.

We would love to help you–confidentially and without judgement.