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What About Adoption? – Ripley, WV

Facing an unplanned pregnancy? Maybe you don’t feel ready to be a mother, or you don’t think you can afford to raise a baby. What about adoption? You’re wondering: “Should I give my baby up for adoption, or is abortion a better choice?” This decision is ultimately up to you.

Here are some reasons why many women choose adoption over abortion:

  1. Adoption gives your child a chance to live!

Opposite abortion, adoption allows your child the chance to grow up in a family that loves him or her and have endless the opportunities and experiences.


  1. Adoption allows someone else to achieve their dream of being a parent!

When you place your child for adoption, you’re bestowing a gift upon someone else. There are so many couples just waiting for you to choose them to become parents. Not only is this a life-changing decision for you but for the prospective parents as well!


  1. Adoption saves you from the regret you may carry after having an abortion.

This is a confusing time in your life. Abortion is a difficult choice, one that could carry life-long effects both physically and emotionally. Adoption, on the other hand, gives some women a feeling of fulfillment and pride, knowing that they saved the life of a child by allowing him or her the chance to live a good life.


Considering your options? Want to know more about adoption? Here at Cross Roads, we are here for you. Please stop by and let us walk you through your options—confidentially and without judgement.


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