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Why are ultrasounds so important? – Charleston, WV

Facing unplanned pregnancy? You’re probably thinking through your options: Should I have this baby? Or should I abort?

At Cross Road Pregnancy Care Center, we suggest that before you make this life-changing decision, you get an ultrasound. According to our on-site medical professional, there are three reasons why getting an ultrasound is vitally important in your decision-making process.

  1. Ultrasounds make sure that your pregnancy is implanted where it should be—in the uterus. Some pregnancies are implanted outside the uterus, which can be life-threatening. It is important to know where the pregnancy is before making the final decision.
  2. 25% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Ultrasounds help you see if the pregnancy is progressing and if the baby has a heartbeat. The abortion procedure can result in life-long affects, which is why it is important to know whether or not your pregnancy is even viable to begin with. 
  3. Ultrasounds help date your pregnancy so that you will know around when the baby should be born. This will help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

If you’re thinking through your options and want to know more, please call us at Cross Roads to set up an ultrasound appointment. We’ll walk you through your options and the steps you can take with your pregnancy. We want to help you—confidentially and without judgement.