Abortion: I Can’t Afford a Baby – Hurricane, WV

Abortion: I Can’t Afford a Baby – Hurricane, WV

You clicked on this blog for a reason: maybe you suspect you are pregnant, had a positive pregnancy test, or you may have been pregnant for some time but new issues have arisen and now you feel financially unstable and uncertain. As a result, you may feel as though abortion is the only place you can turn.

Every situation and pregnancy is different, and your circumstances are unique to you, however, it is never a necessity to have to choose between finances and staying pregnant. There are many resources and choices available for women in situations of all variety and difficulty. Money does not have to be the deciding factor for your choices in pregnancy, and abortion is not your only option.

At Cross Roads we want to help you sort through your many options. You can come in for a free pregnancy test to verify you’re pregnant, and if you qualify, have a free ultrasound and nurse consultation. Our volunteers and staff are ready to listen to your unique situation and help you decide which option is best for you. We want to help connect you with resources based on what you choose, not because you feel like you have to, but because you want to choose the very best option for your future. Our Center has programs to help with maternity clothing and baby items, and we can connect you to the many resources available in your community; we can also connect you to the many resources and information available on adoption choices. You have many options, you don’t have to feel trapped into one choice.

You aren’t alone in making your decision. When faced with uncertainties it can feel like there isn’t any hope or choice, but you don’t have to wade through that uncertainty alone, we want to help.

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