Abortion: Side Effects? – Nitro, WV

Abortion: Side Effects? – Nitro, WV

Are there side effects to abortion? The answer to this question is two-fold. You are likely asking this question because you are pregnant and considering having one. We’d like to help you sort through your choices.

Most abortion advocates will tell you that abortion doesn’t have any side effects at all, that it is akin to getting a tooth pulled, and after having one it will be as thought you were never pregnant. As with anyone selling you anything, they tend to over-praise abortion, glossing over how it effects women in both body and mind.

Pregnancy is obviously something more emotional than a tooth needing pulled. It emotionally effects us. You likely feel a combination of any number of emotions upon suspecting or confirming your pregnancy. If pregnancy in itself is emotional, then it is reasonable to expect that the ending of a pregnancy would be emotional as well. Many women experience varying degrees of depression and anxiety as a result of their abortions, some for their entire life. Abortion comes with emotional side-effects. Your pregnancy likely has you feeling vulnerable, changed even, simply ending the pregnancy will not take away those emotions. An abortion does not undo a pregnancy, it doesn’t turn back the clock as though you were never pregnant. It ends a pregnancy that already exists, and as a result, it carries a number of negative emotional side effects.

In addition to the emotional side effects of pregnancy, there are physical side-effects. As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk. An abortion does not suddenly turn your body back into what it was pre-pregnancy, and depending on the trimester of the abortion, the level of invasiveness carries various risks. Pregnancy effects your body, thus the ending of an abortion will effect your body.

So, are there side effects to abortion? Yes. It is not just a simple, emotionless, nor painless procedure.

The good news is, it isn’t your only choice. At Cross Roads we want to help you weigh your options in pregnancy, to look at each of them honestly. Our compassionate staff and volunteers will gladly walk you through the many resources available to help you understand the full scope of your choices. If you are pregnant and feeling desperate, we can help you. We want to help you find the best option that will carry you into a future that feels hopeful, not doomed. We want to help you choose from a place of peace, not desperation. Our staff and volunteers want to walk with you, to help you sort through all the emotions and information surrounding pregnancy, so that you can make the best choice for you. Come in today, we want to help.

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