Let's be real. Single-parenting is no joke. It's hard work, and those who haven't "been there, done that" really can't empathize with everything you have to deal with on a daily basis. Single parenting looks different based on how many kids you have and how old those kids are. Whatever the circumstances might be, however, all single moms go through some of the same issues.

Here are a few helpful tools you can use when you deal with certain aspects of being a single mom.

1) How to deal with LONELINESS...

Not having someone by your side can lead to very lonely days (and nights). If you don't have a partner, you might feel like you're all alone, an outcast, isolated from the world as you just try to survive each day and the chaos of your kids. Now, we all know that when we're by ourselves, it's easy to just get on social media and scroll...and scroll...and scroll... You see that your friends are out having drinks or watching a movie, and other moms are posting videos of freshly baked bread and singing sweet songs with their kids and having the best time, etc. etc.

It's a healthy idea to limit your social media time when you feel lonely. Social media can lead to a greater feeling of isolation.

Consider joining a single mom support group in your area! It's helpful to hear that others are going through the same things as you. Ask your family doctor for recommendations!

Get some YOU time. Repeat after me: "I am allowed to have free time." Part of taking care of your family is taking care of yourself. Schedule a day out (or even just an afternoon!) to get your nails done, grab coffee with a friend, or go to the mall. Rest and rejuvenate.

2) How to deal with ANXIETY...

"Rest easy, real mothers. The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one." - Jodi Picoult. Many single moms wrestle with self-doubt (aka "Am I good enough?"). Being a "good mom" is difficult, especially if you didn't have a good mom growing up and don't really know what it looks like. "Do my kids have what they need? What will happen to my kids if I just can't do this?"

Take a breath. Take a second. To answer, "Am I good enough?" Yes. Yes you are. Why? Because you love your kids. "Do my kids have what they need?" All they need is you and the love you're already giving them. You can do this.

3) How to deal with DEPRESSION...

Depression can be brought on by many things. Post partum, loosing your partner, work stress, anxiety, fear, the list goes on and on. Let me just encourage you: Talk to someone. No, you aren't bothering your friend by calling them and sharing what's going on. No, your doctor won't think you're a big baby because you can't seem to shake this doleful feeling you've had ever since giving birth to your baby. Depression was never meant to be fought alone. It's being alone that makes it worsen. Call a friend, family member, or doctor. Let them help you!

Are you struggling with any of these? Do you need some guidance or just someone to talk to?

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