Marijuana Use & Pregnancy


Have you been told that using marijuana during pregnancy may help with nausea and pregnancy jitters? Because of its widespread use and availability, many assume that marijuana is safe to use, but what about during pregnancy? Although previous studies suggested that marijuana use did not complicate pregnancy outcomes, further evidence has been found...

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Abortion & Breast Cancer: Is There a Link?


It is estimated that over 43,000 women died of breast cancer in the United States last year. Globally 685,000 deaths were attributed to this terrible disease. The number one risk factor for developing breast cancer is being female. Does a history of abortion compound this risk? There have been over 100 studies to date which tracked the development ...

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Abortion Pill Revisited


Already this year, chemical abortions have surpassed the number of surgical abortions in the United States. Many women have resorted to ordering the "abortion pill" online, which is actually a two-pill regimen: mifepristone, which is a progesterone blocker, depriving the baby of nutrients and oxygen; and misoprostol, which makes the uterus contract...

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WV: A Safe Haven State


Many do not realize that West Virginia has a Safe Haven Law in place, which allows babies who are less than 30 days old to be left at a Safe Surrender location. Examples of these locations include hospitals, health facilities, and fire departments, which are staffed 24/7. The goal of this law is to prevent illegal abandonment of newborn babies...

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Earn While You Learn


Download PDF File Here Earn While You Learn is a wonderful way to become better educated as a parent while earning all of the items you will need for baby! Here is how it works!!

His Role in Your Pregnancy


It has been said that if your man is willing to run out and buy you pickles and ice cream at 3am, he's a keeper. Well, definitely…but beyond that, studies have shown that a father's involvement during pregnancy can have a lasting impact on both mommy and baby. A father's involvement is critical, not only for healthy pregnancy outcomes, but it also ...

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Alcohol & Pregnancy


The very best beginning. As a mom, I am constantly concerned about my baby's well-being…still. My baby is in her 20s now, but I always worry about her physical and emotional well-being. That will never change, because I'm her mom. If I had known there were things that I could have done prenatally to make my daughter's life better, I would have dove...

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Healthy Start - The Importance of Prenatal Care


Are you pregnant? One of the first and best things that you can do for yourself and for your baby is to visit your health care provider right away to begin prenatal care check-ups. Studies have shown that babies born to mothers who have received prenatal care are more likely to be born healthier than those whose mothers did not. According to womens...

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Abortion Pill Myths


After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the U. S. has seen an increase of "chemical abortions" or abortions by pill. Much has been done to promote chemical abortions, including marketing them as "safe" or "natural." The companies selling them are quick to taut their effectiveness but have been less than forthcoming about the possible side effects a w...

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Over the past several months, there have been a lot of questions, accusations, and myths spread about pro-life pregnancy care/resource centers (PRCs). We hope this article will provide you with information to help answer questions about things you have heard said about these centers! MYTH: Pregnancy Resource Centers are just fake hea...

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You wake up one morning feeling nauseous and irritable. You start thinking...Wasn't my period supposed to start, like, last Tuesday? Your heart stops. Surely not. Surely I can't be pregnant. You race down to your local dollar store and purchase a pregnancy test. There's no mistaking that little pink line. You're pregnant. How can thi...

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Let's be real. Single-parenting is no joke. It's hard work, and those who haven't "been there, done that" really can't empathize with everything you have to deal with on a daily basis. Single parenting looks different based on how many kids you have and how old those kids are. Whatever the circumstances might be, however, all single moms go through...

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Did you know that March is "Women's History Month"? This annually declared month is a time where the contributions and achievements of women across the world are honored and celebrated. We often hear the phrase "female empowerment" associated with this month. Culture has limited this phrase to simply mean the women's choice of whether or not s...

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An unplanned pregnancy is one of the most distressful surprises a woman can face. Maybe you and your boyfriend don't live together. Maybe you don't want kids, or maybe he doesn't. Maybe you forgot to take your birth control pills, or your other means of contraceptives just didn't work. Whatever the case is, right now you're wondering: How do I...

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February marks "Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month." While relationships can be one of the most fun, rewarding, amazing experiences, that isn't always the case... It's been noted that in the United States, approximately 10% of adolescents have reported suffering physical violence from their partner. Youths 12-19 years old are the highest num...

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How Soon After Sex Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?


If you recently had unprotected sex, you might be wondering if you're pregnant. Hopefully this article will provide some answers to the questions buzzing through your mind! How soon after sex can I take a pregnancy test? You should wait a minimum of two weeks before taking an at-home pregnancy test. You've probably heard someone mention hGH levels ...

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Preparing For Fatherhood During Pregnancy


If your partner just told you that she was pregnant, you may be experiencing a host of emotions. Maybe this came as a complete shock, and you're dealing with nervous fears and endless questions. Or maybe you've waited for this moment for a long time, and while you're excited, you're starting to wonder: "Will I be a good dad?" Whatever the situ...

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Signs of an Incomplete Abortion


What is an incomplete abortion? An incomplete abortion means that there is still pregnancy tissue inside of your womb. This does not necessarily mean that your pregnancy is still growing, however, it does mean that not all of the pregnancy remnants were successfully removed (medical abortion) or expelled (chemical abortion) from your uterus. This c...

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Christmas can be one of the most cherished times of year. It's a season filled with joy and gratitude, family and friends, snow-ball fights and hot cocoa… For a young woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, however, Christmastime can be very difficult and even unwanted. While everyone else seems "merry and bright," you might be questioning yours...

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 According to the FDA, over 3 million youth use some type of tobacco product. E-cigarettes, otherwise known as vapes, have quickly become "the most commonly used tobacco products" in the United States in 2022 (FDA). People vape for different reasons. Some find it a helpful stress-reliever. Others enjoy vaping with friends as a pastime. If you ...

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