Success: Walk for Life

We had a great time at our first ever Walk for Life on Saturday!  Miss West Virginia lead the walk and we had food and fun all morning.  It was a bit colder than we expected, but we still walked around the State Capitol in support of men, women and children in our community.  It’s incredibly refreshing to see the all those who came out to support the ministry God has planted here in Charleston.

Funds were raised to help us provide pregnancy testing, early ultrasounds, parenting education, and material goods to those in need.  We have a love for this community and serving those in need.  As we’ve stated in previous posts, we’ve now moved and have the opportunity to serve even more clients than before!

Please come and help us spread the word.  We can’t wait to serve you.

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Walk for Life 2018

We are gearing up for our first ever Walk for Life at the West Virginia Capitol Complex!  We’ve done events similar to this in the past, but this is the first one of its kind.  Here are the details you need to know:

When: Saturday, October 13th

What time: Arrive at 8:30 AM for the walk that begins at 9:00 AM

Where:  West Virginia State Capitol Complex

What:  Walk 3 laps around the Capitol (<2 miles)

How: Get sponsors!  Ask friends and family to sponsor you.  The more you raise, the more prizes you get!

Prizes: Raise $150 and get a free t-shirt.  Raise $500 and get a t-shirt, and a travel mug.  Raise $1000 and get a t-shirt, travel mug, picnic blanket, and cooler bag.  There are two GRAND PRIZES that will be announced soon!

Activities:  New Life 94.5 will be broadcasting live, Miss West Virginia will be making an appearance and signing pictures, there will be activities for kids, food, and fun!

For more information, visit


After a long search, renovation process, and more permits than we ever imagined, we’re IN!  We couldn’t be more thrilled at how the new space meets all our needs.  We’ve not got two client rooms, out store is now attached to the main office, and don’t even get me started on how much our storage capacity increased!

We’re thrilled to be able to serve more women than ever, and our staff and volunteers are itching to do just that!  Call today to make an appointment OR just stop by to tour the new facility.  We’ll be holding an open house soon, so say tuned for the date!


For now, enjoy a sneak peak of our new, spacious waiting area.



We’ve all heard it.  The Terrible Twos, the Trying Threes.  Those dreaded years when you’re just not quite sure how your child may react to certain things and taking them out in public is sometimes a guessing game.  Why do toddlers throw tantrums anyway?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, most toddlers throw tantrums because they’re frustrated.  They know what they want or need, but they’re unable to communicate it.  This leaves them frustrated!  I mean think about it.  If you were hungry and couldn’t figure out how to tell someone, it would be pretty frustrating.  The AAP also notes that tantrum throwing tends to peak around the same time as language development, which makes complete sense if you think about it.  We use our words to communicate our needs.  They know what they need, but they can’t quite communicate it in an effective way.  Then as language develops and communication increases, tantrums decrease (yes, there are definitely outliers to this logic).

But in the meantime, how does a Momma deal?  I remember sitting in one of our Earn While You Learn classes with a client.  The topic was tantrums, and boy was it a good one.  I remember the instructor saying that we should EXPECT tantrums.  That’s how normal they are.  I won’t spoil the rest of the class for you because it’s totally worth your time to come in and take it.

Call us today and ask for 1-2-3 Discipline!  You won’t regret it!

Walk for Life

On Saturday, October 13th we will be hosting a fundraising walk at the West Virginia State Capitol Complex!  The event kicks off at 9:00 am.  We’re thrilled to announce that this event is family-friendly.  There will be food, fun, music, prizes, and even a guest appearance by Miss West Virginia herself.  New Life 94.5 will be broadcasting live from the event.  You don’t want to miss it!

Finding sponsors is easy!  You’ll be surprised at who wants to donate.  Even $5 makes a difference.  Sponsor forms are available now.  You don’t even need to collect money.  We’ll handle that for you!  Call us today for a sponsor form and register here to participate in the event!


For a few years now, we’ve known we needed more space.  But there were so many constraints as to what we needed and where we needed it that often our attempts at finding a new space left us only frustrated.  We love our location on the East End of Charleston – especially as there is another wonderful pregnancy center on the West Side of Charleston.  We also love that we’re on the bus route and within blocks of the State Capitol Building.

We looked for years and everything was either too expensive or just needed too much work.  Then one day, we realized there was a space for rent just two doors down from our current location.  It was on the corner, owned by the same landlord, and right next to our baby store.  Why had we never seen this before?

Our Board of Directors started looking into it, and although it needed work, it seemed possible.  After lots of consideration and planning, construction was started TODAY!  We are thrilled and can’t wait to move in!

The space will give us more room to serve our growing clientele and ample storage for our baby boutique.  We’re looking at a September move in date, so please stop by sometime soon to see all the exciting changes!


Picky Eaters

Kids are notorious picky eaters.  My mom frequently tells the story about my brother loving fried okra when he was little until the day he found out it was green in the middle and then refused to have anything to do with it.  Then there was me who would have eaten bread and cheese for every meal and been happier than a clam.

But as a parent you get worried about your child’s growth and development.  Are they getting the nutrients they need?  Do I force the fruits and veggies?  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, forcing food can lead children to actively dislike foods they may have otherwise liked.

So, how then do you get your child to eat healthy?  The AAP suggests a few different strategies:

  1. Offer a variety of fruits and veggies and let them pick.
  2. Include them in the cooking.
  3. Try adding some herbs and spices to some veggies and/or protein.
  4. Arrange the food creatively. Kids love something that looks fun!
  5. Try a disliked food more than once. It can take a toddler’s taste buds 10 times or more to accept a new food!

Never hesitate to talk to your child’s doctor if you’re concerned about his or her diet.  These are just a few helpful strategies but nothing to replace the professional opinion of a licensed pediatrician.

When Should My Baby Walk?

Oh the milestones.  Ask any mom.  They’re fun yet a bit stressful.  You wait with anticipation for your baby to roll over, crawl, smile, or laugh, but the big one is walk.

“At what age did your baby take her first steps?”  We’ve all heard it.  Or the dreaded, “He isn’t walking yet?”  Like we’ve done something wrong to contribute to the slower development.  BUT babies develop at different rates.

I had a friend whose daughter began walking at 9 months.  My daughter didn’t begin until 11 months.  Another friend’s son didn’t walk until 17 months.  So, what’s normal?

According to, most babies will take their first steps between 9 and 12 months and have mastered the skill by 14 or 15 months.  However, don’t get worried.  Some children don’t begin walking until 16-17 months and are perfectly normal.

Moral of the story?  As hard as it is, don’t compare.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Your baby is unique and you love her because of it.  Of course ask your pediatrician if you have concerns, but if he’s not concerned you shouldn’t be either!

Our Dads and Why We Love Them

Father’s Day has come and gone.  For some it’s a day to celebrate, others a day of grief, and sometimes there’s a mix of emotions.  Social media has also made these holidays harder to avoid.

At Cross Roads we see all types of dads.  Sometimes we never even meet them, and other times they’re incredibly eager to learn, grow, and provide for their children.  We’ve even witnessed dads come alive after a few visits – going from just dropping their partner off for classes to coming and participating themselves.

This is a real joy.  One of my absolute favorite things is seeing a new dad.  They come in holding that newborn baby, smiling from ear-to-ear.  They’re proud – and they should be.  They talk about their hopes and dreams for their little one and how much their babies look like them.  Their large hands tenderly wrap around the fragile baby, and the look in their eyes melts your heart.  There’s never a doubt when a connection has been formed.  Often (as was true in my case) the bond between a baby and his or her father forms before the bond between the baby and his or her mother, despite growing and carrying the baby for 40 weeks.

We love our dads here at Cross Roads.  We love seeing them learn and grow.  But most of all we love seeing them with their children and hearing them talk about them.  It’s just one thing that makes this job so sweet.

Celebrate Your Mom Everyday

Mother’s Day has come and gone, but in my opinion we should celebrate our mothers more than one day a year.  Yes, it’s the most rewarding job at times, but it’s also the most thankless job and by far the hardest.  The days are long and difficult.  It’s not just physically taxing, but it’s also emotionally taxing.  There aren’t “days off,” and vacations aren’t really vacations.  As my sister-in-law says, “Vacations aren’t vacations after children.  They’re just family trips.”

Although the days are long, the years are short.  Seeing your child grow and develop is by far one of the most precious things in life.  The moment they utter your name, the first time they wrap their little arms around your neck, or when they come running after not seeing you for a while makes it all worth it.  There’s just something about the love of your little one that’s unlike anything else.

But how do we love our mothers well?  I’ve seen and heard multiple times that most women just want to sleep in and wake up to a clean house (haha!).  While this is probably a great plan, you know your mother best.  Celebrate them more than just one day a year.  And smile.  Your mom chose LIFE!