Pregnancy was not supposed to happen in this relationship. You've only been dating for a couple of years. He said he didn't want kids. You were on birth control. Up until now, having a baby hadn't crossed your mind. Then you missed your period.        

Right now, you may feel like you're caught between two clashing desires: to forget about the positive pregnancy test and continue in this relationship as it was, to make your partner happy – or to hold a tiny human in your arms in 9 months. 

You finally decide to tell your partner: "I'm pregnant." 

Disappointment clouds his face, mixed with fear, worry, maybe even anger. 

"I'm not ready for this," he tells you. "I'm not in a good place to have kids right now. You should get an abortion." 

You're paralyzed with grief and fear. Those negative thoughts flood in: 

"Either I get an abortion or he's going to leave me! I'll have to parent this kid all by myself. I can't do that!"  

Now what? How do you decide what to do regarding your pregnancy? 

Let me tell you that the decision you make now will impact the rest of your life. This isn't a small decision. 

Here are a few things to consider:

1. This is real. And it cannot be undone. Many women live in denial after the first few weeks (or months!) after they get a positive pregnancy test. This is not healthy for you or your baby.

2. You aren't talking about just two people anymore. Another person has entered the picture, and he/she is growing in your uterus!

3. This is your decision. It is not up to your partner whether to terminate your pregnancy. While his opinion has the right to be heard, you are the one that must make the final call.

4. Abortion isn't the only option. Adoption is an alternative for mothers who don't think they are in a good place to raise a kid. There are literally thousands of women who cannot have kids that are looking to adopt!

5. If money is a concern—babies are expensive, after all!—then you're at the right place. Cross Roads offers free material goods for your baby. We have just about everything your baby needs!

6. If your partner isn't willing to stick with you through such a challenging yet rewarding experience, he probably isn't in this relationship for the right reasons. Talk about your pregnancy with him. Make sure your voice is heard and take all of his concerns into consideration.

Cross Roads is here to walk with women through every step of this pregnancy. You might have questions about what we can offer you, or maybe you just need someone to talk to. Either way, we're here to listen.

All of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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